Welcome to the Stanly Arts Council! Our mission is to encourage and promote art in the community by working hard to bring the arts to our schools, our businesses, and our residents. We get involved throughout the community by scheduling events in conjunction with local artists and by being a part of the arts programs in our local schools. Our job is to act as a resource for educators and artists and to be the catalyst for new artistic endeavors throughout the community.

The Arts and the Community

The arts has long been a way for a community to express itself and its diversity. Each piece of art made within a community is a result of the cultural backgrounds, personal beliefs, and experiences of the person who created it. We do our best to encourage the expansion of the audio and visual arts within the community to allow the residents to have some form of expression. We also believe that including the arts within each educational curriculum helps students to succeed and unlock their own potential. We feel it is important that youth groups reach out to the local community to inspire art and to give the children of the community a place to put their art on display. The arts in our community starts with our children, and we work very hard to make sure that every child’s artistic endeavors are encouraged to the benefit of the community.

What We Do

We act as the community leader in promoting and encouraging local art. When you look at the events we sponsor, you will see opportunities for local residents to get involved in the art community and understand the joys that art can bring. We work with local businesses to try to create a more dynamic business district, and we are constantly encouraging local artists to get their works out to a broader audience.

Art and culture are closely tied together, and we do what we can to educate our community on the importance of projecting culture through art. We believe that art is something that should be celebrated, and it is the diversity in our community that makes our art so important and interesting. We hold seminars and reach out to the community to promote cultural diversity through art, and we are always interested in taking on new volunteers to help us make the community a better place through art.

Help Us to Bring Art to Our Community

We encourage anyone who is interested in our local art endeavors to contact us and get involved. You do not have to be an artist to be a part of our council. All you need to have is the enthusiasm to help local art be shared and to encourage the youth of our community to discover the wonderful ways that art can help enrich their lives. Contact us through our website to start your artistic adventure.